Tory Lanez “Alone At Prom” Album Review

Alone At Prom

Tory Lanez

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2021-12-10
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: ZAF
  • Track Count: 11
  • ℗ 2021 One Umbrella Records

Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson, the Canadian hiding under the stage name Tory Lanez, serves a sumptuous musical feast with “Alone At Prom,” an album set on an 80s background.

This is no surprise drop, unlike the project that followed the Megan Thee Stallion debacle. Instead, it is yet a potent body of work that affirms the man’s creative powers behind it.

As a title, “Alone At Prom” brings a lot to mind. But you might be fooled if you think the project’s title would give you complete ideas of the meats within. So come on, and let’s take the plunge. Shall we?


For “Alone At Prom,” Tory Lanez opted for a minimalist path, fielding just 11 seconds that play for 36 minutes. The compilation begins with “Enchanted Waterfall” and ends with “Last Kiss of Nebulon.”

In between those are tracks like “Pink Dolphin Sunset,” “Midnight’s Interlude,” “The Color Violet,” “Lavender Sunflower,” “Ballad of a Badman,” “Lady of Namek,” and we’re still counting…


NO Title Artist Time
1 Enchanted Waterfall Tory Lanez 3:11
2 Pink Dolphin Sunset (feat. Tee) Tory Lanez 3:32
3 Midnight’s Interlude Tory Lanez 1:55
4 The Color Violet Tory Lanez 3:46
5 Lavender Sunflower Tory Lanez 2:31
6 Ballad of a Badman Tory Lanez 4:14
7 Lady of Namek Tory Lanez 3:13
8 Pluto’s Last Comet Tory Lanez 3:31
9 ‘87 Stingray Tory Lanez 2:21
10 Hurt From Mercury Tory Lanez 3:23
11 Last Kiss of Nebulon Tory Lanez 4:18

Tory Lanez "Alone At Prom" Album Review » Undercover » Post » January 24, 2022


Never one to stick to one theme in his projects, Tory Lanez dived into several themes, from life and living to love and devotion. His ardour is deeply printed in the lyrics of this project, a body of work to vibe with during a smoke – or just about any time. The project easily takes the listener into the fires of the 80s.

Love and devotion are dominant themes here. Fortunately, the Canadian managed to navigate through these supposedly pedestrian themes without sounding pedestrian and without selling the listener to the daemons of boredom.


“Alone At Prom,” the sixth studio album from the Canadian, almost became a “solo project” – a facetious phrase for an album sans guests. The Canadian rapper chooses to work with just one guest artiste for whatever reason.

Tee spat his bars alongside Tory Lanez on “Pink Dolphin Sunset,” the second track in the compilation. The two pals had a great time singing together, so there’s not much to quarrel with their offering.

Key Songs

“Alone At Prom” glitters with several fine numbers. But a few of them truly stand out. One such song is “Lady of Namek.” This fast-paced jam takes the listener into the world of Tory Lanez’s devotion. It’s a number for anyone seriously obsessed with the letters of love.

“’87 Stingray” is another memorable number from the collection. It’s more of a sequel to the “Lady of Namek”, – as revealed in the music video. The songster was on a hospital bed, a flashback of “Lady of Namek” going through his head. His eyes popped open, and he sprang out of bed. While driving through town, he’d find his “Lady of Namek” harassed by a group of blokes. So, of course, he intervened.

The Tee-featured “Pink Dolphin” is another lyrical winner in the compilation. This number may well pass for an emollient on the spirit.


The production was pretty clean and effectively transitioned the listener from the moment into a time in the past. The roaring 80s live happily in the lyrics of the songs in the project and the accompanying music videos. It’s hard not to love the result.

Summing Up

With his sixth studio album, Tory Lanez had a dream, obviously. And at the end of the day, it’s clear he achieved just that without a bloated tracklist. For those keen to delve into the roaring 80s, “Alone At Prom” should easily serve as a time capsule for that adventure.

This body of work is a winner on many levels, and we have no qualms asking y’all to check it out. Let the music begin.


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