Yoko Ono Says John Lennon Would Use Twitter (SXSW)


Yoko Ono
Photo by Ros O’Gorman

Yoko Ono says her late husband John Lennon would have loved Twitter.

Yoko was speaking today at SXSW in Austin. It was her first time ever to the Texas capital. When asked how John would like the way we communicate today and if he would use Twitter she said, “of course he would. He would be very excited about the computer age and what we could do”.

When asked why it took so long to get The Beatles in iTunes she said, “there are many reasons for it but this is just the right time.”

78-year old Yoko spent an hour talking about her career, life with John and life without John. It was on the last day of John’s life that they recorded her first hit record ‘Walking On Thin Ice’. “Right after we finished recording ‘Walking On Thin Ice’ John said it was a number one”, she said. Hours later he was dead.

Asked why he seemed to “go for it” on guitar when recording with Yoko but not with the Beatles she laughed and said, “I think he was competing with my voice.”

About the new stripped down version of ‘Double Fantasy’ she said, “a lot of bands are doing it now. In the 80s you made a grand, grand sound. John had a great voice. You don’t have to hide his voice. Now when you strip down everything you hear his voice is incredible.”

Yoko often visits the Strawberry Fields park she built as a tribute to her husband in Central Park across the road from her apartment in the Dakota building. She said she likes to see if its “okay”.

Her words of advise for young artists. “If you start to create for money and you don’t get the money you feel like a fool but if you do it for the art you can see the value in what you do”.

Yoko Ono will perform on her son Sean’s Chimera Records showcase Saturday night at the Elysium bar in Austin for SXSW.

VIDEO: SXSW, watch a few music videos from Australian acts showcasing at SXSW:

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