VIDEO: Ed Kowalczyk Goes From Live To Alive


Ed Kowalczyk
Photo by Ros O’Gorman

Former Live frontman Ed Kowalczyk says he quit his band Live because he needed to re-energise.

In an interview with Undercover, Ed explained that, “A couple of years ago I definitely came to an ‘end of chapter’ moment in my life where I kind of felt a general malaise about music, about writing, about singing. I thought it was really weird because I am a prolific writer and I was always so passionate about it. I started to look into it and I realized that I had been doing it the same way for so long. I felt like I needed to change it, do something different, step out into an unknown”. Instead of forming another band, Ed went solo. “For me, that was a solo career, going to Austin Texas, finding new musicians to play with,” he says. “I grabbed an acoustic guitar and went all over America doing an acoustic show and really changing it up. As soon as started to do that I really started to get excited again, hence the record ‘Alive’, which is how I felt about this new chapter which is really an energy rebirth”. His first solo album ‘Alive was released this year through Sony Music.

Watch the Undercover Ed Kowalczyk video interview here:

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