VIDEO: Chicago Back In The Studio With Phil Ramone


Jason Scheff and Robert Lamm of Chicago
Photo by Ros O’Gorman

Chicago are back together with producer Phil Ramone for their next album planned for sometime in 2011.

“Phil is an old friend and we have a long history,” Chicago founder Robert Lamm tells undercover.fm.

Ramone produced the 12th Chicago album ‘Hot Streets’ and the hit ‘Alive Again’. “We were talking last night at dinner about exactly when he first became involved in Chicago,” Robert said. “It was the mid 70s. We were recording at Caribou Ranch and doing a lot of television and Phil would be the guy who mixed”.

The first stage of the album has been done. Chicago will regroup in early 2011 to complete the project. “We just spent three weeks in Nashville recording some new music,” he says. “The experience was so good, so organic and so musical that I think everybody was encouraged to try and do it again in the next few months, an album top to bottom”.

So how many albums have they made? I have no idea’” Robert says. “We are in the 30s I think”.

VIDEO: Watch the video interview with Chicago here:

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