Ten Pisses Off Big Brother, Idol Will Be Next


Pamela Anderson – Just Married

Channel 10 has flushed Big Brother down the toilet following disastrous ratings and Australian Idol will most likely be next.

Big Brother stood no chance this year. It had a hated host and tired format. Kyle Sandilands is TV suicide these days and bringing him back for Australian Idol will be the kiss-of-death for the already troubled show. Not even Pamela Anderson could resurrect this stiff. Idol failed to ignite with Australian audiences last year. Ratings were down almost 20% on the already shaky previous year. With key sponsor Telstra failing to renew with the show this year, Australian Idol is already down on all it is made for, to generate revenues. Big Brother was axed after falling 12% in ratings. Idol will have to fight to even get on the air this year. Channel 10 passed on airing the big brother of Idol shows `American Idol` this year. If they can`t make `American Idol` work, the pathetic Aussie version could well be stillborn.

  1. 8895-8530487-1589553 EMI’s Irish arm has instigated a High Court action against the Irish Government due to it’s tardy response to issuing an order that would allow copyright owners to compel internet service providers to block access to websites that they consider to be engaged in the illegal distribution of music.
  2. 3692-1784164-2458106 Melbourne acoustic/surf band Mosaik closed off the final episode of Big Brother across Australia last night.
  3. 1320-8115568-2661434 Donny Tourette, singer of faux punk band Towers Of London, has escaped from the British Celebrity Big Brother house.

  1. 4708-7339600-8491409 The commercial radio industry has launched a new initiative, cnamed “First Break” in conjunction with Mushroom Group with a focus on discovering the next big thing in Australian music.
  2. 9051-1439132-5066811 The 93 year old folk legend Pete Seeger is showing no signs of slowing down with the release of two albums set for September this year.
  3. 9184-2968710-1212852 As reported a few weeks ago, the embattled live music venue The Sandringham Hotel in King St Newtown NSW may be forced to close it’s doors due to debt issues.
  4. 9226-3356433-5076028 The Brooklyn four-piece Grizzly Bear have revealed their new single “Yet Again” on Triple J this morning. The track is the second song and the first official single released from the band’s forthcoming album “Shields”, out September 14th on Warp.
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