Hank Von Helvete Leaves Turbonegro



Enigmatic Turbonegro singer Hank Von Helvete has decided to leave the band after twenty one years at the helm.

According to a report from Norwegian site NRK, the singer decided to leave after going through treatment for drug addictions at the end of last year. The rest of the band are said to understand Hank’s motivation, although they were surprised by his decision. The band formed in Oslo, Norway in 1989 and have been through hiatuses before thanks to Hank’s addictions, so it remains to be seen whether the band will reunite or not. The band remained an underground punk phenomenon until 1998’s ‘Apocalypse Dudes’ when they cleaned up their sound and suddenly appealed to everyone and their popularity exploded. Check out my personal favourite below (WARNING: easily offended should not watch):

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