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REVIEW: Eagles, Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena, December 17, 2010

By Paul Cashmere
Sat, 18 Dec 2010 13:04:33 +1100

The last time the Eagles played in Melbourne it was documented for the world as the ‘Farewell 1’ DVD. Last night after six years, they returned to the same city and venue.

Between then and now fans were treated to a brand new album ‘Long Road Out of Eden’. The album came 28 years after their last studio album ‘The Long Run’. ‘Long Road Out of Eden’ has extended the appeal of one of the rock era’s greatest bands and has given the Eagles a foundation for an all-new reason for wanting to perform.

The tour centres around their 21st century masterpiece ‘Long Road Out Of Eden’ with Glenn Frey on lead vocals on ‘How Long’ and Timothy B. Schmit on lead vocals on ‘I Don’t Want To Hear Anymore’ placed in song two and three position.

The show opens with their vocal warm-up ‘Seven Bridges Road’, written by Steve Young followed by J.D. Souther's ‘How Long’ and then Paul Carrack's‘I Don’t Want To Hear Anymore’ meaning the band is paying tribute to other great writers ahead of themselves.

Also from ‘Long Road Out Of Eden’ we are treated to another vocal harmony from ‘No More Walks In The Wood’ in part 2, as well as the beautiful ‘Waiting In The Weeds’ both co-written by Don Henley and Eagles guitarist Steuart Smith.

However it is Henley’s title track to ‘Long  Road Out Of Eden’, a 10 minute plus magnum opus that proves the relevance of this band in the 21st century and demonstrates how their greatness just keeps getting greater. If ever there was a reason for the Eagles to do it one more time after this in the studio, surely the creation of this album, and especially this song, is that proof.

The other great thing about an Eagles show is that fans are treated to five concerts in one. There are the Eagles songs, and then the four individuals in the spotlight.

Two words – ‘Joe’ and ‘Walsh’.  If you go for no other reason than to hear ‘Life’s Been Good’ and ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ live, then you have made a wise choice. Throw in his James Gang classics ‘Funk #49’ and ‘Walk Away’, mix in a little ‘In The City’ and you have your club show sideshow included in the ticket price.

Don’s ‘The Boys Of Summer’ and ‘Dirty Laundry’ were also solo songs in their original form, but like The Beatles, had they been together when these songs came out then they would have been on Eagles albums. (George Harrison once told me that if we ever wanted to know what The Beatles would have sounded like had they still been together in the 70s then all we had to do was take a song from a Paul album, a John album, a Ringo album or one of his and it would have been that).

Timothy takes the spotlight three times. ‘I Don’t Want To Hear Anymore’ (Long Road Out of Eden), ‘I Can’t Tell You Why’ (The Long Run) and “Love Will Keep Us Alive’ (Hell Freezes Over) would make a solo show by him a must have ticket alone.

Surprisingly, Glenn doesn’t feature any of his solo stuff in this tour but I will give him 11 out of 10 for his ‘Master of Ceremonies’ role as Timothy introduced him.  He noted ‘One Of These Nights’ as coming from their “Satanic rock rhythm and blues period” and when Timothy said he was from Detroit Glenn said “That’s right. I am from Detroit where mother is half a word”. (Glenn, the Melbourne comedy festival is coming up … I suggest you apply)

So what else did we learn tonight? ‘Lyin’ Eyes’ was written over two days in 1975, “a very good year for those Eagles”, Glenn said, because “Henley and Frey could go out and afford to pay for their own drinks for the first time”.

If you choose to see the Eagles, you have chosen well.

The setlist for Melbourne, December 17, 2010:


Seven Bridges Road (from Eagles Live, 1980)
How Long  (from Long Road Out Of Eden, 2007)
I Don’t Want To Hear Anymore  (from Long Road Out Of Eden, 2007)
Hotel California (from Hotel California, 1976)
Peaceful Easy Feeling (from Eagles, 1972)
I Can’t Tell You Why (from The Long Run, 1979)
Witchy Woman (from Eagles, 1972)
Lyin’ Eyes (from One Of These Nights, 1975)
The Boys Of Summer (from Don’s Building The Perfect Beast, 1984)
In The City (from The Long Run, 1979)
The Long Run (from The Long Run, 1979)

No More Walks In The Wood  (from Long Road Out Of Eden, 2007
Waiting In The Weeds  (from Long Road Out Of Eden, 2007)
No More Cloudy Days (from Farewell 1 DVD, 2005)
Love Will Keep Us Alive (from Hell Freezes Over, 1994)
Best Of My Love (from On The Border, 1974)
Take It To The Limit (from One Of These Nights, 1975)
Long Road Out Of Eden (from Long Road Out Of Eden, 2007)
Walk Away (from James Gang, Thirds, 1971)
One Of These Nights (from One Of These Nights, 1975)
Life’s Been Good (from Joe’s But Seriously Folks, 1978)
Dirty Laundry (from Don’s I Can't Stand Still, 1982)
Funk #49 (from James Gang, James Gang Rides Again, 1970)
Heartache Tonight (from The Long Run, 1979)
Life In The Fast Lane (from Hotel California, 1976)


Take It Easy (from Eagles, 1972)
Rocky Mountain Way (from Joe’s You Can't Argue With A Sick Mind, 1976)

Desperado (from Desperado, 1973)

VIDEO: Want to watch some great music live, watch Joe Pug perform three songs for Undercover uSessions:






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